Top 10 Best Unicorn Gifts of 2018

No Unicorns were harmed in the making of this list.

FACT. No one has proven that Unicorns do NOT exist... While we do not have any Unicorns for sale (...or do we? ūüßź) we¬†DEFINITELY have the next best thing.

Our team of scientists all graduated from highly recognized Universities with a degree in Mythical Creatures. A few even took have their Ph.Ds in Unicorn and other horned mythical creatures Studies. This totally certified team has compiled the BEST gifts for any fellow Unicorn Lovers. (Please don't associate our team with the others at Hogw@rts - we're unaffiliated) #GoHuffl3Puff

Here are some of the BEST and most UNIQUE Unicorn presents for 2018. Perfect for all of your friends who LOVE this magical HORN-Y beast. 

10. Unicorn Themed Squishy Toy

The LATEST trend to hit 2018 is this slow rising, eco-friendly, stress-reliving cute as HECK squishy toy! This is the perfect toy for kids with anxiety or fidgety hands. Not only do kids get the oddly satisfying slow rising feeling, it's CHEAP and SIMPLE! BEWARE of tears though! These things are super easy to tear if you're pulling or twisting in wrong angles. 

Get yours here ūüĎČUnicorn Squishy Toy¬†

9. Full Body Unicorn Themed Pajamas/Onesies

Need I explain more? Onesies are BACK! Not only are these the perfect way to keep you warm on a cold night, but they're perfect pajama party material. These Unicorn styled pajamas are fully zippered with a hoodie and tail! Don't like the color? Well there are tons more to chose from! Cosplayers rejoice, you can use these too! These pajamas are machine washable so they're perfectly able to get dirty. Get a nice and unique costume without having to assemble anything too difficult! Better yet, you have an children and adult version! Match with your kid for that perfect Unicorn Pair picture!

Get yours here! ūüĎČUnicorn Themed Pajamas

8. Adorable Unicorn Themed Neck Pillow

Stiff Neck on a long plane ride? Tired of lying on your seat belt on a family car ride? Well we have the solution for you! This Unicorn themed neck pillow is soft, comfortable and perfectly able to support any position your neck might flop around. But not only is it a neck pillow, it also has a hoodie! If you have sun light shining through a car window, just put this hoodie up to block the sun. This is the perfect gift for those about to travel! Instead of having a crying child during the whole ride, make them comfortable so they can get some nice shut eye.

Get yours here ūüĎČUnicorn Neck Pillow


7. Stylish Unicorn Themed High Top Shoes

So you're thinking, well Unicorn themed stuff are awesome, but I'm never gonna use them. Well NOW you can! Rock this custom made, high fashion, Unicorn Themed High Top Converse Sneakers! Separate yourself from those dull other shoes and get these to attract everyones attention! This particular high top features a cartoon style Unicorn group on a sky blue background...just only one of the many designs available. Need I say more? 

Get yours ūüĎČCustom Unicorn Converse Sneaker

6. Unicorn Pool Float or Pool Ring

Summer has never been more warm but boy do we have the BEST way for you to keep calm and chill on. These person sized Unicorn Pool Float is the BEST way to relax on a hot day. Everyone has the dream of riding a Unicorn but now you can FLOAT and lounge around on the water. What could be better? These Unicorn Pool floats are the perfect way to stay dry in the water but also stay classy by the pool. How GREAT would it be to say this "Hey, wanna float on my Unicorn?" 

Get yours ūüĎČUnicorn Pool Float

5. Beautiful LED Unicorn Night Light

Monsters hiding under the bed? Have NO FEAR, these adorable Unicorn shaped Night Lights are the perfect solution for children who have a hard time falling asleep With LED lights to last for a longer time, these night lights can easily ward off the dark but still provide an adorable decoration to the room This is the best gift to provide a sense of safety and security without screaming children in the middle of the night.

Get yours ūüĎČUnicorn LED Night Light

4. Warm Plushy Themed Slippers

Cold Floor?? Not only are these Unicorn Shaped slippers just adorable, they are super comfortable and will feel like clouds on your warm feet. No longer are the days where you wake up to a cold bare floor....instead, you put these love muffins and walk around without ANY discomfort. The perfect gift for those you're just not sure about. I mean who DOESN'T want a pair of slippers?

Get yours ūüĎČUnicorn Plush Slipper

3. Stylish Unicorn Themed Backpack

Back to School Season is coming and whats the perfect gift for those students? A new BACKPACK! Get rid of that plain, crummy, old backpack and get with the new Unicorn Themed Backpack! Rock the style and show off the perfect backpack to be the cool kid on the block

Get yours here ūüĎČUnicorn Canvas Backpack¬†

2. Elegant Unicorn Ball Gown

It's that time of year again. Your child has their birthday coming up and the hardest question pops up in your head. What do I do? Well instead of spending hundreds of dollars getting plane tickets to fly to Disney World....Get her a Unicorn Themed Birthday Party! This ball gown will make her feel like the princess she is!
With frills, shills, and all the pizzaz your child would love! If you're having as hard of a time as we are trying to find a Unicorn, I guarantee the next best and CHEAPEST gift is to get her all of the unicorn decorations she can ask for so all the kids are school will be her friend. They grow up so cherish the moment! 

Get yours here ūüĎČKids Unicorn Ball Gown

1. Beautiful Unicorn Beach Towels

Summer is here and what better way to relax in the sun than going to the beach!(or pool for that matter) So if you're missing a beach towel, we have the perfect gift for you! This Unicorn themed beach pool will dry you but look GREAT on the beach front. Plus it doesn't just have to be used on the beach! Grab the towel and get some food to go on a picnic. Don't like the design? Don't worry - there are plenty more where that came from.

Get yours here ūüĎČCustom Unicorn Beach Towel

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