Top Funniest Unicorn Gifts of 2018

Unicorns are majestic, mythical creatures of the wild but they can also be the symbol of extreme DERP that floods our tumblr feed. If you're looking for a practical prank for your friends, look no further, our team of Unicorn experts have compiled the BEST Unique Gifts you won't find anywhere else.

That being said, here are some of the funniest Unicorn Gifts of 2018.  

1) Unicorn Mugs 

If you're like like to start your day off with a cup of joe. Well if you're also like'd like to have that cup be a UNICORN. In that case, boy do I have a gift for you. There are some awesome unicorn mugs, from this color changing mug to this cutie which honestly makes me just happy to drink, but in terms of the funniest gift, I have narrowed it down to this specific mug.

A unicorn BARF mug. This just encapsulates everything I love about Unicorns. Even though a Unicorn is barfing it's guts out, we still see rainbows 😍

Color Changing Graphic Mug

2) Realistic Unicorn Mask

If there's one thing you'll see during's that someone is going to be wearing an animal mask. Well incase you were still thinking of getting one, you're in luck! We now have a realistic Unicorn Mask! 

Not only is it creepy enough to scare your friends, but our team of analysts have compiled a list of other perfectly reasonable uses. 

For example:

  • Nervous on your wedding day? Wear a Unicorn Mask to hide all of the intense gazes coming from your significant other's extended family 
  • Need a new Tinder picture? Try one with a Unicorn Mask! It's the perfect conversation starter guaranteed to get matches
  • Trying to get a new job? Wear a unicorn mask with a business suit to show that you're a professional but you can also crack a joke
  • Going on a first date? I'm sure that whoever you're dating would love to stare at a wide eye unicorn the whole time! 

Certified to bring you joy in any occasion, this Unicorn mask is definitely worth the price. (please don't take us seriously!) 

Get it here 👉Unicorn Mask

Unicorn Mask

3) Unicorn Farts (cotton candy)

Toot toot! It's a Unicorn Fart! While there have been many different assumptions of what a unicorn fart would be: Rainbows, sunshine, glitter, etc. This is by far the tastiest one. This cotton candy Unicorn Fart is the best gag gift anyone could ask for. This delicious sweet candy is the best way to crack a laugh but also have a tasty treat.

Image result for unicorn farts

4) Unicorn Poop Soap

On the other side of the Unicorn Fart, we have this Unicorn Poop Soap! 
Beautiful and practical, this poop soap will keep you clean with magical goodness. And don't worry, this soap is clean and will smell great. I mean what do you expect coming from a Unicorn!

Image result for unicorn poop soap 

5) Derpy Unicorn Plush Toy

Nothing is quite like winning a Unicorn plush toy at the fair. Now popularized by the popular animated film, this Unicorn plush toy is the PERFECT gift for anyone, young or old! I mean who wouldn't want one? "ITS SO FLUFFY!"

Get it here 👉Derpy Unicorn Plush Toy

Derpy Unicorn Plush Toy

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