How to Set Up the Best Unicorn Birthday Party

You know someone who is in LOVE with Unicorns. So because you don't have to time to find these beautiful majestic creatures, you go get the next best thing. What might that be? A full on UNICORN BIRTHDAY BASH! Here are some of the Best Unicorn Ideas to make this birthday one they will ACTUALLY remember. If they don't, at least you have pictures online to prove it. 

1) Unicorn Themed Birthday cake

The best thing about a birthday BESIDES the present, is a rocking delicious CAKE. Whether this is hand made or store bought, a cake is ESSENTIAL to bringing in that overall Unicorn style birthday!

Unicorn Cake

Now unless you're a professional dessert chef, most people will not be able to create a delicate unicorn cake. Getting this custom made might also be costly but don't worry. Keep in mind that this can be simple! If you're balling on a budget, a simple vanilla cake with a rainbow food coloring is all you need to match the theme

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake Recipe

If all else fails, grab the favorite birthday cake at your local grocery store and stick a unicorn decoration on top of it!

2) Unicorn Themed Games

Everyone's heard of pin the donkey, but have you heard of pin the Unicorn? Get your favorite Unicorn Themed games to get the party flowing!

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn!

Image result for pin the unicorn

Unicorn Water Sprinkler

While this might not be for all occasions. If you're in a backyard, you can look for this huge Unicorn Water Sprinkler! Guaranteed to bring all the fun even if you might get a little messy
Unicorn Water Sprinkler

3) Unicorn Themed BackDrop

There are a TON of Unicorn decorations out there to make it the most magical birthday party you can ever create. Keep in mind the following color combinations. If you're going with a light well dressed theme. Rainbow is PERFECT but you have to make sure they are same consistency. Pastel and lighter shades work well in my experience!  

Unicorn Birthday Suite

4) Unicorn Gift Bags

Whether you want to DIY or buy them, a gift bag is the perfect way to let guests have fun at the party! I mean if they're going to give you a present - might as well celebrate the day with a small cheap gift!

Get it here 👉

Unicorn Gift Bag

5) Unicorn Balloons

Balloons are pretty much ESSENTIAL to any birthday party so why not spend the extra dollars to get a full blown unicorn balloon! Now there are totally different variations which you can choose from but if you're interested in a balloon that can be deflated/inflated check below!

Get it here 👉Unicorn Balloon
Unicorn Balloon

6) Unicorn HeadBand

It's their special day...that one day in the whole year where they feel like it's the best day of their life. So what can you do? Get them something to make the day about them! I would suggest a headband to transform and tell the world that this party is SPECIFICALLY for them

Get it here 👉Unicorn HeadBand

7) Unicorn Themed Party Supplies! 

Get the latest paper cups, plates and even napkins for a Unicorn Filled birthday bash! Nothing will make the birthday great like the little things. Look for some of supplies at your locale dollar store! 

Get it here 👉Unicorn Party Supplies

(Optional) Get a live Unicorn! 

For all the over-achievers out there, if you're unable to find a Unicorn, I would recommend the next best thing - a horse! While this might fall short of a unicorn, I can ensure you that having a ride-a-pony at the birthday party will definitely put it above and beyond. 

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